Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

V.ARIA is a virtual care service that caters to a range of health conditions, accessible to all genders.

However, for certain medical conditions like Urinary Tract Infections or Erectile Dysfunction, gender-specific limitations apply due to the nature of the condition and associated safety concerns outlined in our medical policy.

Operating within the realm of telehealth management, V.ARIA adheres to a rigorous medical protocol followed by our providers during the evaluation of your condition and prescription issuance. Our providers prescribe only when it’s deemed appropriate. If our providers determine that telehealth isn’t suitable for your situation, we recommend seeking an in-person evaluation with a doctor. Rest assured, we’ll refund your consultation fee.

If you fall into any of the following categories, we advise against submitting a treatment request and recommend seeking in-person medical assessment and treatment.

  • Patients under 18 or over 80 (exceptions: Women’s Health under 18 or over 55. And some of Travel Medicine).
  • Individuals who are pregnant, potentially pregnant, or unsure about their pregnancy status.
  • Those who are currently breastfeeding.
  • Patients with complex underlying medical conditions.
  • Individuals experiencing symptoms or complaints that our doctors deem require an in-person visit with a medical professional instead of our online telehealth service.
  • We do not offer paperwork for insurance pre-authorization, reimbursement for HSA/FSA, doctor’s excuse notes for sick leave, Ergonomic Evaluation/ADA Accommodation, or disability evaluation notes, apart from ESA letters.
  • We also do not provide prescriptions for supplemental oxygen for those requesting inhaler prescriptions.

Please be aware that your safety is of utmost importance. It is crucial that you answer the questions and provide your medical information with complete honesty and full disclosure.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

1) Create an account on our platform

2) Complete the comprehensive questionnaire, providing details about your current symptoms, medical history, and current medications

3) Choose a pharmacy of your preference. Our medical providers will provide guidance on how to effectively use coupons at your selected pharmacy once you obtain a prescription through a doctor’s assessment.

4) Pay for the treatment request before submitting

5) A doctor will review your treatment request. If your condition is deemed suitable for treatment based on the doctor’s assessment, a prescription will be written

6) The prescription will be sent to the pharmacy you’ve chosen, where you can pick up your medications

Please follow these steps to ensure a smooth and effective treatment process.

No, we do not accept insurance or provide pre-authorization for medications covered by your insurance. If your insurance plan includes prescription medication coverage, you can use it at the pharmacy to cover the costs. However, V.ARIA does not assist with insurance pre-authorization.

Our experience has shown that using coupons for prescription medications often results in very affordable prices, sometimes even better than insurance coverage. We can guide you on how to use these coupons at your chosen pharmacy once you receive a prescription following a doctor’s assessment.

Our current promotional visit consultation fee is $13 for each message visit consultation. This fee is payable with a payment form including credit card, debit card or a paypal before submitting your treatment request.

For ESA (Emotional Support Animal) evaluations and all synchronous visits (telephone or video visits, depending on your state of residence), there is a separate pricing plan. All synchronous visits (a phone or a video depending on the state regulation) are priced at $23 per visit.

Please understand that our fee covers only the doctor’s assessment during the telehealth visit and does not include medication costs.

You will be responsible for paying the medication fees directly to the pharmacy of your choice. Our experience has shown that utilizing coupons for prescription medications can lead to highly affordable prices, occasionally even surpassing the benefits of insurance coverage or the rates offered by other telehealth platforms that ship medications to you with their own pricing.

We will provide guidance on how to effectively use these coupons at your selected pharmacy once you obtain a prescription through a doctor’s assessment.

If, after a doctor’s assessment, you are found ineligible for a prescription, we will refund your visit fees accordingly.

Our team of medical doctors usually assesses treatment requests within a span of 2 hours during our business hours. If the request is submitted after our regular hours, we aim to complete the evaluation within 24 hours.

Upon completion of the evaluation, we will notify you via a message notification and provide you with the requisite instructions to proceed.

Our business hours for a treatment evaluation is as follows.

Monday through Friday (except holidays) 11 AM to 8 PM PT
Saturday through Sunday Noon to 5 PM PT

We currently see patients for the following 21 states only

  • Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

We’re currently engaged in efforts to broaden our services and aim to include as many states as possible. Our upcoming plans include the addition of New Jersey, New York, and California in the near future.



While our primary goal is to deliver high-quality medical care in a cost-effective and efficient manner, it’s important to note that our telehealth clinic may not be able to address all health conditions that you would typically discuss with an in-person doctor.

Currently, our scope of medical services is limited to specific conditions (please refer to our “We Treat” pages), but we are actively working towards expanding our range of medical offerings in the near future.

Please be aware that receiving a prescription through V.ARIA is not guaranteed, as our medical providers follow a clinical assessment protocol to determine the most appropriate and effective care for your specific needs. It’s important to note that we do not issue prescriptions for DEA controlled substances through our telehealth platform.