Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see all patients?  Who can use V.ARIA services?

V.ARIA is a virtual care for women's health limited to certain conditions.

However, for medical conditions with Genital Herpes, Cold Sores, Dark spots/wrinkles, Lengthening eyelashes with Bimatoprost (generic Latisse), Primary Care and Medication refills are open to ALL genders

Testing for STD (sexually transmitted disease) and its treatment (if indicated, except Gonorrhea) are also open to ALL genders.

Due to the nature of a telehealth management, V.ARIA introduces our own medical policy and we follow our own strict medical protocol when our medical providers evaluate your conditions and write a prescription, only if it is appropriate to prescribe.  If our providers do not believe you are suitable for telehealth, we recommend you to follow up with a doctor in person for the further evaluation and we’ll refund your consultation fee.

If you belong to one of the following groups, please do not submit a treatment request and see your doctor in person for the assessment and treatment.

- Any patients under 18 or over 65  (except Birth Control Refills which is under 18 or over 50)

- Pregnant, possibly pregnant or if you are not certain if you're pregnant

- Current breastfeeding

- Any patients with complicated underlying medical conditions

- Some of our consultation requests are exclusively for female patients because of a safety concern to treat via a telehealth visit. For example, complains of urinary tract infection are atypical natures from male patients, therefore we consider this as a complicated condition if a male patient reports symptoms of urinary tract infection and this is highly recommend to be seen by a doctor in person for a further assessment.  Following medical conditions do not apply to male patients:  Urinary tract infections, Vaginal Yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginal atrophy and Birth control refills.

- Current symptoms/complaints that our doctors believe they require an in-person visit with a medical professional instead of our online telehealth service

- We do not provide any paperwork for pre-authorization for insurance purposes, reimbursement for HSA/FSA, a doctor's excuse notes for sick leave, Ergonomic Evaluation/ADA Accommodation or disability evaluation notes.

- We also do not provide a prescription for supplemental oxygen for those who are requesting an inhaler prescription.

Please note, for your own safety, it is critical and important that you answer the questions and provide your medical information with full disclosure with honesty.

Do I get multiple refills with the prescription?

We prescribe a 6 months' supply with each consultation for certain prescriptions only. Any other medical treatments are with no refills as they are not indicated.

Following conditions are offered for multiple refills up to 6 months. After 6 months, you will be required to submit a renewal treatment request to continue a treatment. We require patients to check in and update their medical progress as well as their medical profile with a renewal every 6 months to continue a treatment through V.ARIA. 

- Genital Herpes
- Cold Sore
- Vaginal dryness
- Birth Control Refills
- Generic Latisse (Bimatoprost)
- Tretinoin for Dark Spots & Wrinkles
- Acid Reflux Refills

Please note that there is an exception in this refill/renewal. For the following condition(s), we have a 30-day maximum supply without a refill. We can only allow 2/calendar year limitations for a refill. 

- Medication Refills (Inhaler Refills for Asthma or COPD):  Total Quantity of 1 single inhaler for a 30-day (1 month) supply is the maximum allowed per encounter.

How does this work?

You will choose the medical condition that you want to be evaluated. Based on the questionnaire you answered, if prescription treatment is indicated and appropriate by a doctor's assessment, we provide prescription for certain conditions (See services) to your local pharmacy where you can pick them up, just like you receive prescription from office visits.
Depending on certain medical conditions, there is also an option for a mail pharmacy if indicated only.

How can I start?

Create your account -> Complete the full questionnaire, answering questions regarding your current symptoms, past medical history and current medication. -> choose pharmacy based on pricing with coupons from those websites such as GoodRx or SingleCare  -> Pay for treatment request before submission -> Review treatment request by doctor -> If appropriate for treatment based on doctor's assessment, prescription will be written and sent to your chosen pharmacy where you can pick them up.

Do you ship medication?

No. Currently, we do not carry or ship any medications. We provide and send a prescription to any local pharmacy of your preference. You will obtain medication directly from your pharmacy, paying medication fees directly to your pharmacy, just like you receive prescription from those regular office visits by your doctor.

Do you accept insurance for consultation fees?

No. we do not accept any insurance or provide pre-authorization for medication required by your insurance. If you have insurance with good coverage for prescription medication, you may use your insurance to cover the medication at the pharmacy, however V.ARIA cannot help or provide pre-authorization if it is required by your insurance.

However, with coupons for prescription medication, you can get your medication at a very affordable costs or sometimes even better costs than your insurance based on the prescription plan of your insurance. We can explain how to use these coupons at your pharmacy once you are eligible for a prescription after a doctor's assessment.

What are my charges?

We currently offer a $30 Promotional visit consultation charge for each consultation fee which you will have to pay with a credit card or debit card before your treatment request is submitted.

Please note our fee is exclusively for a doctor's assessment fee through a telehealth visit and this does not include medication fees. You will pay for your medication directly to your pharmacy.
We'll refund your $30 if you are not eligible for a prescription based on a doctor's assessment.

How long does it take to get my treatment request to be approved?

Our medical doctors will review the treatment request, usually within 2 hours if the treatment request was submitted during the business hours and within 24 hours if the treatment request was placed after hours. We will send you a message notification once the treatment request is completed with an instruction to follow.

Our business hours for a treatment evaluation is as follows.

Monday through Friday (except holidays) 11 AM to 8 PM PT
Saturday through Sunday Noon to 5 PM PT

Do you see patients in all states?

We currently see patients for the following 8 states only

- IL, MI, OH, WA, NJ, MT, PA and FL

However we are currently working on being available for as many states as possible.

Do you prescribe other medical conditions that are not listed on your service page?

Although our medical mission is to provide the best medical care at the most affordable and efficient process, unfortunately, since we are a telehealth clinic, we cannot treat and provide all health conditions that you would get from your doctor in person at the office.

At this time, we provide limited medical conditions (See "We treat" pages) but plan to expand our medical services in the near future.

Prescription at V.ARIA is not guaranteed since our medical providers make the clinical decision and assessment based on our medical protocol to provide the best and suitable care for your conditions.

We do not write prescriptions for DEA controlled substances via our telehealth platform.